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The success of the inaugural volume of any journal depends upon the quality of manuscript it receives for review. It is our pleasure to inform our stakeholders that the launch of first issue of International Journal of Business Research and Excellence (IJBRE) generated sufficient curiosity amongst the research circles and that reflected in submission of manuscripts. The first issue of International Journal of Business Research and Excellence is a discussion on contemporary challenges faced by emerging markets or economies like India and providing a view point on unprecedented developments of the past in the field of business management. In both the cases the authors made an effort to substantiate their argument with micro and macro level data and suitably guide readers with further scope of research. The communication of comments of blind review process of IJBRE reviewers not only assist authors in quality writing but also promote quality research in the field of business management.

The first article “A Study of Effect of Demonetisation on Various Modes of Payments” is a positive attempt made to highlight the impact of the event on the various sectors of the economy and how it helped to turn it into a cashless system. The second article “A Study of Pilot Analysis of the Consumer Buying Factors for Luxury Brands of Apparels and Accessories-Delhi NCR Region” made an effort to understand the consumer buying behavior towards luxury brand so that marketers can develop their marketing mix elements to attract the target segment towards luxury retailing. The third article is “Investment Performance & Risk-Adjusted Measures: An Empirical Study on Open Ended Equity Schemes” is an empirical analysis of the performance of the mutual fund in the context of return, risk and risk-adjusted performance with the help of Average Return, CAGR, Treynor Ratio and Sharpe Ratio. Fourth article highlights “Crowdfunding & Ethics in India” and reiterate that Indian market for crowdfunding industry is still in nascent stage. The type of projects which run on portals are limited to donation based and reward based projects and equity based crowdfunding models are not yet prevalent in India for various legal and groundwork issues. The last article is a perspective on “Artificial Intelligence can’t replace Human creativity but optimize work” for HR Professionals to decide how they can accept AI and what kind of readiness they require to adopt the role of Artificial Intelligence.

We thank each and every author and reviewer for their valuable contribution and making this collaboration accelerate knowledge creation and sharing.

Director & Editor-in- Chief


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