Guidelines for Authors

• The Articles/Case Study/Book Review/Survey Report should provide on the cover page, the title of the paper, name of author (s), institutional/professional affiliation, address, contact number and email Id for communication.

• The submission of papers/articles must have an abstract of 150-200 words. Keywords may be restricted to 4-6.

• The full paper, not exceeding 5000 words, adhering to APA style defined for International publication, should be submitted as an email attachment to Journal email address. Please visit APA Style to learn more about APA style.

• Papers should be typed on A–4 format with double spaced, left-aligned, with a one and a half inch margin on each side and typed in 12–point font (Times New Roman) in MS Word. PDF format would not be accepted.

• Graphs or pictures should have a resolution of minimum 300 dpi/1500 pixels and should be in JPEG format or compatible with MS Office formats such as Excel or Word.

• Notes, if any, should be numbered serially and presented at the end of the article.

• You are advised to use 'z' in place of 's' for spellings, e.g "globalization" in place of "globalisation".

• British Spellings are to be used in place of American spellings, e.g 'colour' in place of 'color' or 'programme' in place of 'program'.

• Use 'twentieth century', '1980s'. The numbers have to be written in words only and symbols like % has to be mentioned as percentage. Use thousands and millions, not lakhs and crores.

• Tables and figures to be indicated by numbers separately, not by placement. All figures and tables should be cited in the text. Sources of all data, figures and tables must be mentioned and must be with due permission.

• Book reviews must contain name of author/editor and book reviewed, place of publication and publisher, year of publication, number of pages and price.

• References: APA 6th Edition

Originality and Verification

Submission of an article implies that the work described has not been published previously, that it is not under consideration for publication with other research bodies, it also implies that consent of all authors or institution is obtained before submission. If accepted, the work cannot be published in the same form or in any other language without the consent of the Editor-in-Chief. To verify originality, your article may be checked by the originality detection service.

Copyrights for articles published in International Journal of Business Research & Excellence (IJBRE) are retained by the Journal. Any subsequent use of data or information, not in the same form may be made with due permission of the Editor-in Chief.


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