Transformation involves fundamental rethinking and a change in the existing practices. According to AHA, (a software company with a people centred approach), "Business transformation" describes the different types of widespread organization change needed to deliver better customer and employee experiences. The concept of transformation is not new. Companies have always had to innovate and adapt. The history of IBM, for example, shows how the technology pioneer has reinvented itself multiple times during the last 100 years. "Communication is widely recognized as an important component of transformation and needs to be designed, keeping in view the stakeholders, customers and employees. It plays a key role in making them understand the rationale and potential impact of business transformation. Business transformation in today's world cannot be thought of without a human resource that focuses on effective communication. It is a sine qua non for a positively motivated human resource depicting desired behaviour which in turn is a key to success. The website https://www.raconteur.net states, "It ensures everybody is pointing in the same direction and working towards the same goal. Important resources are saved by plugging information gaps that otherwise lead to delays, unnecessary costs, misunderstandings and failing projects". The paper explores the means of enhancing the effectiveness of communication in organizations at the individual level, group level and organizational level by using the concepts and tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro- Linguistic Programming, created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder provides a number of effective tools for the same by highlighting the connection among neurological processes, language Proceedings of the International Conference on "Business Transformation Through Sustainability Entrepreneurship and Digitalization" 09th November, 2019 124 and programming, which is the behavioural pattern learnt through experiences. When implemented in HR functions like Talent Acquisition and Retention it can do wonders. The representational systems of Neuro-Linguistic Programming help us in matching the pattern of communication required for a specific job or organization with those of potential candidates while selection. Enhancing and maintaining a positive state of mind and healthy communication and motivation, as we all know goes a long way in retaining the pool of human resource.

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