"A Perspective: Artificial Intelligence can't replace Human creativity but optimize work"


This paper offers to examine involvement of artificial intelligence in HR processes and after that on Human Resource Professionals. HR professionals are known to recruit, train, appraise and maintain the workforce of the organization. In this digital arena, everywhere involvement of AI can be observed. So the involvement of AI in HR processes is so obvious. Now these days, Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role to enhance the efficiency of HR Professional. Artificial Intelligence involved in HR processes from recruitment to employees' performance appraisal. Human Resource Professionals believe that accumulation of artificial intelligence (AI) into HR processes will raise the efficiency of employees. This study helps to conclude that artificial intelligence is blessing or threat to HR Professionals' job. This study based on the secondary data has been collected from the newspapers, magazines, articles, journals and other web information. This study emphasizes on the benefits of Human Resource Professional over use and limitations of artificial intelligence in the present scenario. This study will also highlight the forthcoming objectives of artificial intelligence and Challenges of HR professionals for adoption of artificial intelligence. This study will give perspective to HR Professionals to decide how they can accept AI and what kind of readiness they require to adopt the role of Artificial Intelligence. The results of this study will have a strong significance on the academic front.

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