Akineet Overseas Pvt. Ltd: An Entrepreneurial Fiasco


Entrepreneurship is all about proper planning, calculated risk, conviction, foresightedness, and self-belief. The two main characters in the case Mr. Abhijit Chopra and Mr. Arun Rathore lacked coordination, communication, marketing skills, and professionalism, had a short sight, and above all inbuilt lacuna in the ecosystem caused Akineet Overseas Pvt. Ltd to become an entrepreneurial fiasco. The secret to the success of any new venture lies in the proper homework and having expertise in trading or marketing rather than manufacturing. The case shows how the delay of a project due to bureaucratic hurdles, personality problems, and loss of the confidence of promoters can mar its prospects. It could be an eye-opener for a startup or entrepreneur and can establish the do's and don'ts of any venture and can guide him to various internal and external factors he should keep in mind while starting a new venture.

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