A Study to Analyze Long-Term Challenges and Issues In The Sustainability Of EV: Future Implications For The Environment


Sustainability has become an important point to focus on in terms of vehicles for the past few years now to minimize the exhaustion of fossil fuels as it is being taken under consideration by a good number of related field authorities that the over-extraction of these fuels will soon lead to the depletion of these fuels. With consumers becoming more aware and concerned about this upcoming environmental issue, the respected industry has started focusing more on finding alternatives to petrol and diesel vehicles, majorly used fuel vehicles, to decrease the over-dependency of the automobile industry on these fuels as well as to put light on innovative and sustainable alternatives. One of the alternatives was the introduction of CNG vehicles which did not end the issues effectively. So, recently the industry has come up with the use of lithium batteries instead of fuels, which can be considered an alternative for the time being. Still, the question here is, how long batteries could be taken as an alternative, as well the impact lithium batteries would have on the environment in the long run when they would get presented to the consumer with proper implementations on a larger scale.

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