A Study to "Exploring the Metaverse: Implications for Human Resources Management."


Human Resource Management has now reached its inflexion point, which has been accelerated by the pandemic's final two years. The influence of technology on the workforce and the future of employment are increasingly more apparent. The majority of firms now place a high focus on tech-enabled HR management. For businesses to maintain a competitive advantage, using the appropriate technology to digitally change people and processes is essential. New age ideas like Metaverse are finding applications thanks to emerging technologies. The future of work will depend heavily on HR executives' ability to comprehend this issue from the outset. The future incarnation of the internet, called the metaverse, is thought to combine elements of the natural and virtual worlds to provide a completely immersive experience. Metaverse is increasingly being utilised to automate and enhance fundamental HR activities, including hiring, onboarding, and data gathering, updating, and preserving financial records. In order to study the function of Metaverse in HR operations and how employees might interact and cooperate better in virtual spaces if the borders between the real world and virtual work are blurred, the researcher did an exhaustive literature review and used secondary data research. The results of this study point to the possibility of enhanced practical alignment in HR functions thanks to the metaverse

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