A study on Green Market and Green Entrepreneurship in Chennai city


The rise of the green market is positively influenced by consumer awareness of the need to purchase green or environmentally friendly goods and by environmental concerns. Many opportunities exist across various industries thanks to the growing green industry. Sustainable development and green entrepreneurship nowadays focus on making ecologically friendly products. In the developing green market, this is certainly appreciated. There are few publicly accessible research papers that look at the relationships between green entrepreneurship, sustainable development, and developing green markets. More precisely, there hasn't been enough research done on how the green market would affect green entrepreneurship and sustainable development. As a result, this work has established a thorough research model based on the literature. The study's findings suggest that the creation of the green market has had a favourable and significant impact on green entrepreneurship and sustainable growth in knowledge-based businesses. Also, the influence of green entrepreneurship on green marketing has been researched, and the findings show that this influence is both positive and substantial. Available cluster sampling was the method of sampling. The city of Chennai is split into four sections: North, South, East, and West. We chose the city's western and northern regions and dispersed our questionnaire there. There were 357 business owners in the sample. Using the Pearson Correlation test and multiple regression analysis, formulas and data were analysed.

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