Thriving in the New Normal: Understanding the Organisational Refinement and Employee Transformation during post covid times with respect to IT sector in India


The entire globe has been confronted with the ultimate calamity of COVID-19 pandemic which has had a catastrophic impact on organisations, institutions and more importantly the employees working in these organisations had thrown their lives into disarray, affecting not just their well being but also their psychological discomfort leading to inefficiency of working resulting in enormous human and economic costs for the organisations. Competition driven pressures occurring in this emerging economy have paved the way for the ‘New Normal’ in which existing conditions are accepted with new adjustments to sustain in the future. The pandemic and its ramifications for businesses have underlined the need for adaptability and resilience in today's workforce, hastened the change to a new digital economy, and emphasised the need of HR in the 'New Normal,' which envisioned HR's future impact and function post COVID-19. The study aims at highlighting the parameters to support business leaders on how to restructure the system during and after the pandemic, implement workforce rationalisation measures while minimising risks, and boost productivity along with employee engagement. This research paper conceptualises on the recent organisational refinements which are prerequisites for the HR professionals in redefining the complete organisational structure that acts as an impelling cause in employee transformation leading towards an enabling change that is inevitable for the future. There are many factors that would be taken into consideration while shaping the future of HR in the new normal which laid emphasis on modifications in Occupational Health & safety provisions of employees along with the social transformations on employee engagement and effect of remote working on Organisational culture and its daily business operations. In order to conduct this study, a convenience based sampling was conducted on 25 HR professionals working in different IT industries in India. KEYWORDS- Organisation Refinement, Culture Refinement, New Normal, IT Industries

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