A Study of government’s Incentives towards Budding Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneur is an answer to overcome unemployment in an economy like India where opportunities are huge but awareness of government initiative and subsidies granted by government to assist budding entrepreneurs in India is less. It also tries to address key issues and opportunities present for entrepreneurs in developing economy by highlighting the initiative taken by government from time to time such as Stand-up India, Start-up India and Make in India. India is currently facing many problems like poverty, illiteracy, less employment opportunities and many more. Entrepreneurs could be the solution of all such problems. Government of India has already launched many schemes and if we discuss about Start-up India then Start-up India was launched on 16th January 2016 by our Honourable Prime Minister. Shri Narenda DamodardasModi. Aim of this scheme was to help start-ups and catalyse entrepreneurship and their objective is to generate employment opportunities, economic development, motivate youth of India for Entrepreneurship.

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