Impact of Covid-19 on Exports and Imports in Indian Economy


The world is fighting against COVID 19, which has left the entire world in shock and brought the world to its knees and at a major halt. This devastating virus is declared by the World Health Organization as Pandemic. This virus has been widespread and has brought around 195 countries to a standstill. This virus is a serious threat to the global economy. This is undoubtedly visible in the Indian economy which is already suffering by growing at the lowest rates in the past six years. And now there is a new set of economic challenges for the various sectors under the Indian Economy. COVID 19 has disrupted Business cycles all over the world. The global Economy can shrink by 1% due to this Pandemic. As we know, that growth of any country or economy depends on their GDP levels, and here Export - Imports play a major role. In the months of March and April, there was a major halt in the foreign supplies for the country, which further led to a devastating situation in the country. So here in this research, we would witness how Indian Exports and Imports are affected and also their impact on the Indian Economy. We would also discuss the ways to improve the conditions.

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