Factors Impacting on Teachers’ Performance in the Private Schools


Teachers play the vital role in the learning process of students. They are the pivot of any education system and develop performance style. Teacher performance is a key determinant of the quality of education. Their performance is highly influenced in school by different factors. The aim of the present study is to exam the association of communication, motivation and pressure with teachers’ performance. The present study is descriptive in nature. The primary data is main sources of information to analyze and find out the result of the survey. Structured questionnaire under survey approach is applied for collecting primary data with six point likert scale. The population of this study targeted the teachers of private school in Kathmandu valley. 200 teachers are selected as sample size through judgmental sampling technique in this research to make this study more inclusive and representatives. Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics such as mean standard deviation and correlation have been used to analyze the collected data. The study found that motivation has positive association with the teacher's performance but pressure and communication have negative association with the teacher's performance.

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