Consumer adoption of Mobile Wallets under the new normal: An empirical study in India based on Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)


Since the emergence of Covid-19 Novel Coronavirus, the world has been reeling to unshackle itself from the devastating effects of the menacing pandemic. The outbreak of Coronavirus has blighted the economy of all nations and thus halted the growth trajectory of all the countries. The lockdowns imposed as a precautionary measure to blunt the blood thirsty pandemic has changed the modus vivendi of the common man. One of the striking revelations in these times has been an astounding upsurge in the use of cashless payment systems like Paytm, Phone Pe, Google Pay and others. In this light, there has been wholesome changes witnessed among the people of India talking in the light of the use of mobile wallets. The present research paper intends to examine and analyze the perception of Indian customers by probing into their motivations, attitudes and behavioural intentions towards the adoption and usage of mobile wallets in the era of Covid-19.

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