The Effect of Age as a Moderator on the usage of E-CRM practices in public and private sector banks


In the Indian banking sector, Electronic-customer-relationship-management deals with maintaining and optimizing long term relation with the consumers. The current study analyzed the relationship between demographic characteristic ‘AGE’ and the quality of E-CRM practices perceived by the customers. Primary data was collected using survey method. The structured-questionnaires were distributed to a total of 600 respondents’, out of which 463 responses were collected. Post data collection, ANOVA was applied to study the difference of Age with service-quality-dimensions. The major findings revealed that in public &private sector banks, usage of ATM services has the significant difference between the age group of “18-29 yrs and 40-49 yrs” as the p-value is less than 0.05. This implies that in both public &private sector banks, younger and middle age group of consumers are having different perception towards the utilization of ATM services
Keywords: Consumers, E-CRM practices, Banking sector, Public Banks, Private Banks.

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