Perception Measurement using EFQM Model of Business Excellence


Objectives:This paper is an attempt to suggest some growth strategies by using CII-EXIM Bank Award for Business Excellence which is based on the EFQM Model.
Methods/Statistical analysis:This study is done on a manufacturing company keen to go for quality award. Therefore, this study was conducted to help them in finding out the gaps in the process of enabling the people to produce good results. It is presumed that the people in any organization can give their best only if the enabling factors are present.
Findings:The analyses of responses have lead to the conclusion that in terms of perception gap between M&SS and Senior Managers and above the organization should focus on Organizations role in the community & society (25%), Recreation (21%) and Leadership (18%). Moreover, in terms of perception gap between Associates & M&SS, the organization should work on the Sub-ordinate & Peer relationship (16%), Recreation (15%) and Job security (13%).
Application/Improvements:Considering the ever increasing competition and customer preferences it is very important for the companies to be proactive in redesigning the organization. So through this paper we are trying to analyze the perception of employees regarding availability of such enabling parameters in the organization. It is expected that such gaps would help the organization in identifying the key focus areas which would further help them in improving their performance.
Keywords: Business Excellence, EFQM Model, Perception Measurement, Perception gap, People results

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